What is TFTM?

We started this podcast because we love talking tax with each other and want to share our passion with the world. We aim to discuss hot tax topics in a way that informs non-tax and/or non-accounting experts about the issues making headlines. Our goal is to explain each issue in a way anyone can understand - even people who are not tax nerds like us! To do so, we'll provide examples and color commentary that help our audience understand each side of the issue in an objective way. Our own personal biases will inevitably poke out, but we do our best to indicate when we are stating our own opinions versus objectively explaining an issue.

Who Should Listen?

Anyone with an interest in public policy! You don't need a degree in business or economics. In addition to those interested in better understanding tax headlines, we hope our podcast will be useful to students and educators, as well as to those writing the headlines!

How Do We Know What We're Talking About?

As tax professors and researchers, we eat, sleep, breathe taxes. Read more about us here!

Is This Basically Free Tax Advice?

No. Although both Bridget and Lisa have experience as tax advisers, this podcast is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Nothing we say should be construed as tax advice. We recommend that you seek advice from a qualified tax professional to evaluate all of the facts and circumstances of your own personal situation.